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Title: Introduction to Sponsored Projects
Instructor: Cathy Cuppett, Jill Tincher, Brad Langford, and Melissa Mottley- Sponsored Projects    
Location: Life Sciences, room C127
Ever wonder why you can buy something on one sponsored project, but not on another? Have you questioned why you can buy something on departmental funds, but SPA doesnt let you on sponsored projects? Do you wonder how proposal budgets are developed and why we sometimes amend budgets? Introduction to Sponsored Projects provides insight into all of these questions and more by explaining the underlying theories, federal rules and regulations governing sponsored projects. We also discuss the lifecycle of sponsored projects. It doesnt matter whether you work in pre award or post award, central or departmental administration. We all need to know the foundation of sponsored projects and we are all in this together. SPA is reliant on departmental personnel having this foundational knowledge so you are aware of what you can and cannot do. Moreover, we want you to know the why and identify other possible solutions to meet our researchers needs. Throughout Introduction to Sponsored Projects, we provide real world examples and detail how you can help manage sponsored projects with faculty members. During this 2-day offering, we identify these foundational theories and demonstrate how they pertain to the entire award lifecycle  while it starts with the proposal and ends with closeout/audit  these theories remain the same. We hope you can join us.